What can you expect

Sclerotherapy is offered by our trained professionals at Aesthetic + Wellness and doesn’t require anesthesia. We offer the procedure in our comfortable office setting and the entire procedure generally takes less than an hour to complete.

During the procedure

For the procedure, you’ll lie comfortably on your back with your legs extended. After cleansing the area to be treated with alcohol, your Aesthetic+Wellness clinician will use a fine needle to slowly insert a solution into the appropriate vein.


The solution works by irritating the lining of the vein, causing it to swell shut and block the flow of blood. We use a solution that contains a local anesthetic called lidocaine for your comfort. Eventually, the vein will become scar tissue and disappear.


Some people experience minor stinging or cramps when the needle is inserted into the vein. The procedure is generally tolerated very well.  The number of injections depends on the number and size of veins being treated.


After the procedure

You’ll be able to get up and walk around soon after the procedure. Walking and moving your legs is important to prevent the formation of blood clots.


You’ll be asked to wear compression stockings or bandages — usually for about two weeks — to maintain compression on the treated veins.  We recommend you bring these to your visit so that they can be applied immediately after your treatment.
Most people return to their normal activities on the same day.  We advise you to avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks after the procedure.  Walking is encouraged.

You’ll also want to avoid sun exposure to the treated areas during that time. The inflammation caused by the injections combined with sun exposure can lead to dark spots on your skin, especially if you already have a dark skin tone.

The Results

If you were treated for small varicose veins or spider veins, you can usually expect to see definitive results in three to six weeks. Larger veins may require three to four months. However, multiple treatments may be needed to achieve the results you want.

Veins that respond to treatment generally don’t come back, but new veins may appear.

At Aesthetic+Wellness, we schedule a follow-up visit about 6 weeks after the procedure to check the procedure’s success and decide whether further sessions are needed. Generally, you need to wait about six weeks before undergoing another sclerotherapy session.

Studies of sclerotherapy as a treatment for varicose and spider veins indicate that it has an overall success rate of about 60 to 80 percent in eliminating treated veins.

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